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Strawberry cake

February 27, 2009

Hi … again updating on another Friday , as if I don’t have any time for updating during the week , or my week is totally boring well nothing like that … am  LAZY that’s all the story :S

Again the whole week didn’t do anything much interesting except keep watching movies… not only because I love watching… no but during the week I get really tierd after work to go anywhere .. every day for  12 hours  out of the house & 8 hours night sleeping so the remaining will be another 4 hours  to relax or to Catch with what going around ….. Enough useless blaa blaa …

This week I watched maybe around 8 movies:


1) Along came Polly : ok not very bad 2.5/5


2) Brigit Jones Diary : again 2.5/5 ok not bad nor great


3) The Duchess: 1.5 /5: didn’t like the story at all don’t recommend it at all unless you like watching Kiera Knightley.


4) Mini’s First Time: 1.5/5 another crazy story.


5) Ocean 11: 4.5/5 amazing George Clooney & Brad Bitt simply wow.


6) Ocean 12 : 4.5/5 again same gang nothing less than wow .


7) Ocean 13 : 3.75/5 only bcuz they are same gang it was nice other than that it was just fine.


8) White Chike: 3/5 funny pass time.

I watched Ocean’s all in same day: D

Other than movies …. Life is so boring … no one comes online on MSN when you need them: P or replay back to you when sms them too.

My camera lances got broke last night could take any new photo’s today in the farm L

Had a lot of blaa blaa to say …any way leave you now with my last photo b4 my camera got broke L



Movies Weekend

February 21, 2009


Weekend is over and back to work :l


I had pleasant weekend most of the time I spend it watching movies and I liked all of them they were big time fun


1st : role models new release in the cinemas very funny & nice not big story but you’ll enjoy your time funny motive but totally no recommended for under 16 a lot of *f* & *d* word. 2.5/5


2nd: Rumor as it it old one was released end 2005 but since that time till date and I was searching for the DVD & I can say it was worthy looking for it and watching it was fun cool movie loved the colors the story everything and since the moment the movie started and till the end and am only looking to Jennifer Aniston hair OMG I love her hair its crazy I loved loved so much and how always it’s looking sleek already I have the same hair that I can’t do anything else with just to keep strait but I love how hair looks like *fait* and for the movies it was big fun 3.5/5






3rd : and today my choice of movies was nights in Rodanthe not very old nor very new, very nice romantic story totally inspected ending very nice location sweet love story mmm I guess it was 3.5/5

That for the movies other than that yesterday I went to the farm I took some more photos:






 Enjoy them 4 now soon will upload them in my galley with higher resolution

I wonder if I can rearrange my photos in different way and ideas for my gallery!!!!

Now wana watch movie but it late to start tomorrow needs to wake up very early to go to work


Sweet Dreams

February 19, 2009





في وجودك

يصبح العالم قصيدة

والرمال تصير ماي

في حضورك

اترك الدنيا وراي

Bad habits

February 17, 2009

Am I back to my bad habits ignoring updating my blog, mmm it’s not because of me, I don’t have internet at home, its so boring I don’t like to use my laptop even only because there is no net L



Finally I watched “The Holiday” it was nice I enjoyed my time only the thing I didn’t like was kate Winslet  I don’t like her don’t know why she keeps nominated for OSCAR  wa3333  over all the movie was  nice 3 / 5.


I’ve taken recently some new photo’s you can check them in “What I saw?”


On my watching list for today:

Desperate housewives

Brothers & sisters


Final wispier: I hate the ppl in my department.



Toxic Bachelors

February 8, 2009


Finally today I finished reading Toxic Bachelors, mmm the title says a lot of things but nothing like that, I don’t recommend much it was normal not that interesting only some few chapters maybe the rest was ok only pass time unless you like reading Danielle Steel, I’ve read other books for her and they were more interesting than this in general I’ll give it 2.5/5 it was half half.


Wondering what should I start reading next!!!



Nothing much for the day left work little early since I was late last Thursday & No much plans for tomorrow.


Am still learning on my page trying every button checking what’s new and what’s nice. It’s funny am trying to change my mood photo but it is not changing maybe I should try to switch my own mood to the picture :s


That’s all, and yah still “The Holiday” on my watching list, its 2.15 :l



P.S. It’s so annoying when you have people around you & they think that what ever they  say is right only because they are elder than you ….. Very sad L




Blessing Friday

February 6, 2009


فتح الله دقات قلبك لخشيته

وغفر لك مابين جمعته

وادخلك جنته

“طابت جمعتك”



Happy Friday everybody …. Oh I love Fridays; because simply I don’t have to go to work oh and today … its very quite around me hear , all of them went to the farm and I decided that I wana stay home … wana have my own time alone.


I waked up had my breakfast da5ant el theyab, check the laundry after that I went back sleeping  it was nice sleeping in un usual sleeping time since I cant sleep early morning so hardly i can find some time for sleeping.


I know my sister’s will kill me when they will read this but I have to say it: the house was very nice and quite without you girls, I enjoyed my sleeping: D.


That for now, hope I keep updating more often enshalla, and I’ll leave you with some snap shots of the farm from my last visit’s J





























& I’ll go watch: “The Holiday” since long time it’s on my watching list.

Have a nice weekend


صبـــاح الخير

February 5, 2009




The world Suffers a lot
Not Because of violence of bad people
But Because of silence of good people 


Hello world!

February 4, 2009

hello  World

am back online, hope this time for longer …

hope to meet rest you very soon

c ya 🙂