Blessing Friday


فتح الله دقات قلبك لخشيته

وغفر لك مابين جمعته

وادخلك جنته

“طابت جمعتك”



Happy Friday everybody …. Oh I love Fridays; because simply I don’t have to go to work oh and today … its very quite around me hear , all of them went to the farm and I decided that I wana stay home … wana have my own time alone.


I waked up had my breakfast da5ant el theyab, check the laundry after that I went back sleeping  it was nice sleeping in un usual sleeping time since I cant sleep early morning so hardly i can find some time for sleeping.


I know my sister’s will kill me when they will read this but I have to say it: the house was very nice and quite without you girls, I enjoyed my sleeping: D.


That for now, hope I keep updating more often enshalla, and I’ll leave you with some snap shots of the farm from my last visit’s J





























& I’ll go watch: “The Holiday” since long time it’s on my watching list.

Have a nice weekend



4 Responses to “Blessing Friday”

  1. swandiave Says:

    حمدلله ع سلامتج elmesn 😀 وين مختفيه ..
    وبعدين حد يسير البر اب ألتيما 😐

  2. elmesc Says:

    الله يسلمك سواني:D
    وان شاء الله بحاول ما انقطع عنكم 🙂
    وبعدين ها مب في البر فى المزرعة هذا وعينا الصبح وحصلنا السيارة مغرزة :l

  3. swandiave Says:

    الله يوفقج دوم اختي .. تولهنا ع تصويرج 😦 .. مادري ليش قطعتي ..

  4. elmesc Says:

    زحمة الحياة والله ….

    وتصويرى ما عندى وايد بس ان شاء الله بحاول قدر المستطاع ….

    وانت لا تقطعنا من زياراتك 🙂

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