Bad habits

Am I back to my bad habits ignoring updating my blog, mmm it’s not because of me, I don’t have internet at home, its so boring I don’t like to use my laptop even only because there is no net L



Finally I watched “The Holiday” it was nice I enjoyed my time only the thing I didn’t like was kate Winslet  I don’t like her don’t know why she keeps nominated for OSCAR  wa3333  over all the movie was  nice 3 / 5.


I’ve taken recently some new photo’s you can check them in “What I saw?”


On my watching list for today:

Desperate housewives

Brothers & sisters


Final wispier: I hate the ppl in my department.




2 Responses to “Bad habits”

  1. zina Says:

    this movie i wanted 2 see since a while!
    me TOOO don’t like Kate that much and Jack Black 2!

  2. elmesc Says:

    its nice movie you will enjoy your time..especially jude law and cameron diaz
    and for jack black & kate its was OK & thanks honey

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