Movies Weekend


Weekend is over and back to work :l


I had pleasant weekend most of the time I spend it watching movies and I liked all of them they were big time fun


1st : role models new release in the cinemas very funny & nice not big story but you’ll enjoy your time funny motive but totally no recommended for under 16 a lot of *f* & *d* word. 2.5/5


2nd: Rumor as it it old one was released end 2005 but since that time till date and I was searching for the DVD & I can say it was worthy looking for it and watching it was fun cool movie loved the colors the story everything and since the moment the movie started and till the end and am only looking to Jennifer Aniston hair OMG I love her hair its crazy I loved loved so much and how always it’s looking sleek already I have the same hair that I can’t do anything else with just to keep strait but I love how hair looks like *fait* and for the movies it was big fun 3.5/5






3rd : and today my choice of movies was nights in Rodanthe not very old nor very new, very nice romantic story totally inspected ending very nice location sweet love story mmm I guess it was 3.5/5

That for the movies other than that yesterday I went to the farm I took some more photos:






 Enjoy them 4 now soon will upload them in my galley with higher resolution

I wonder if I can rearrange my photos in different way and ideas for my gallery!!!!

Now wana watch movie but it late to start tomorrow needs to wake up very early to go to work


Sweet Dreams


2 Responses to “Movies Weekend”

  1. zina Says:

    glad that U enjoyed ur weekend 😀
    and nothing entertains us like movies .. right?
    Rumor has it looks interesting!
    can’t believe that Jennifer is turning 40 this year :O
    lovvving the 3rd pix!

  2. elmesc Says:

    hi zina

    well i enjoyed the movies more than the weekend 😀
    and that totally true we dont enjoy anything as much we enjoy movies & i wish if i can take 1 week off and watch all the movies in my PC lwts see when it can happen !!!

    rumor has it …. its really funny am sure your are gonna enjoy it … cool movies should watch some time soon ….

    3rd photo :s enshalla i’ll add it soon to my gallery..

    take care

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