Strawberry cake

Hi … again updating on another Friday , as if I don’t have any time for updating during the week , or my week is totally boring well nothing like that … am  LAZY that’s all the story :S

Again the whole week didn’t do anything much interesting except keep watching movies… not only because I love watching… no but during the week I get really tierd after work to go anywhere .. every day for  12 hours  out of the house & 8 hours night sleeping so the remaining will be another 4 hours  to relax or to Catch with what going around ….. Enough useless blaa blaa …

This week I watched maybe around 8 movies:


1) Along came Polly : ok not very bad 2.5/5


2) Brigit Jones Diary : again 2.5/5 ok not bad nor great


3) The Duchess: 1.5 /5: didn’t like the story at all don’t recommend it at all unless you like watching Kiera Knightley.


4) Mini’s First Time: 1.5/5 another crazy story.


5) Ocean 11: 4.5/5 amazing George Clooney & Brad Bitt simply wow.


6) Ocean 12 : 4.5/5 again same gang nothing less than wow .


7) Ocean 13 : 3.75/5 only bcuz they are same gang it was nice other than that it was just fine.


8) White Chike: 3/5 funny pass time.

I watched Ocean’s all in same day: D

Other than movies …. Life is so boring … no one comes online on MSN when you need them: P or replay back to you when sms them too.

My camera lances got broke last night could take any new photo’s today in the farm L

Had a lot of blaa blaa to say …any way leave you now with my last photo b4 my camera got broke L



4 Responses to “Strawberry cake”

  1. zina Says:

    YES! movies always entertaining!
    wanna 2 watch “along came polly”,
    love them both .. i mean ben and Jennifer!
    and the strawberries cake looks so yummmyyyy!
    can i have a piece?
    U should go out girlll n the weekends wih ur friends 😉

  2. elmesc Says:

    yah its cool funny movie you’ll enjoy your time and me 2 i like Jenny ben its ok for me..

    cake plz feel free to taste it 😀 … going out i dont know i wana watch all movies am having in my laptop, i feel am very out range when am watching 2005 movies now 😀

    lets see maybe will have diffrent plan for this week … take caree sweeto

  3. faisalotaibi Says:

    the pic of the cake made me hungry. its your fault

  4. elmesc Says:

    its wasn’t as yummy as looking :p

    thanks for passing by 🙂

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