New Bride

New brides,


No am not getting married or engaged nothing yet…

My topic is about some new brides who get married don’t know why really…. They turn very funny… & start acting very weird as I don’t know what are they now become?? On Top of the World: P

I have a friend who got married one year back … and since then she doesn’t talk or sms or nothing as something wrong with me that am still single ….

And the finest of all a girl I met her at work she was new and we used to attend training courses meeting together and everything was fine … till she told me that she thinks am related to her husband and it was true I found that her husband is my second cousin and since then she disappeared as if am gonna steel her husband lol… no email … no sms nothing!!!

When one of my friends gets engaged I feel shy to ask her what his name … is not going in too details.

And the other thing I don’t know why they get married they doesn’t want to do anything or go anywhere, you never see in family gatherings with the mother or mothers in laws and they are new brides with no kids.. And when you see they look totally funny & silly … anyway wish them happy marriage: D

Yesterday Friday today tomorrow & after tomorrow am off.. Very long weekend & since mama is angry we are grounded from going anywhere: S anyway with this crisis at work the truth not in mood to for any activates!!!

Since the weekend is not over yet; still am not done yet with my movies list: D

What I watched this week:


1- Leather Heads : do I need to say anything its George Clooney so definitely it was wow big fun recommended for every one 3.75/5


2- Chicago : yah its old … but as they say Old is Gold and sure no wonder it was and Oscar movie very interesting so tempting to watch till end again 3.75/5


3- Fanaa : recommended by my friend nice love story liked thaw am not big fan of Kajol but it’s very nice different love story than what we are used to 4/5.


4- Charlie Wilson War: big waste time no story nothing I could understand anything not my type of movies at all, I can’t understand why I watched it till the end … not recommend at all 1/5.


5- Down to Love: girly movie I didn’t like the guy but It was fun loved the colors at least 2/5

Long weekend coming any interesting movies recommendation!!!

My latest jewel: D




2 Responses to “New Bride”

  1. zina Says:

    OMG! :O
    these girls a r TOO shallow and weird!
    n shallah U get engaged soon and they will be sorry 😛
    don’t even invite them 😛
    i saw “dawn 2 love” and as U said,
    i will take ur recommendations n my mind 😉
    and u shoes is fabulous!
    from where?

  2. elmesc Says:

    hehe dosent they sound the most funiest thing …hello every 1 is gonna get married one day you are not better then the rest, anyway let them get LOST who care *duh*

    & thanks Sweetie , i got them from Shoemart they are so Sexy its so in *Fashion* these desgins .

    T C

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