Back to my habit :s

i think bad habits is really hard to get changed …. am spouses to use this web as a diary and keep writing what ever pops in my mind, but what ever happens still you cant talk about your deep secrets or even your deep feelings…

simply because ppl will get you wrong or for that they keep judging for end of you life >>>> so sorry i love my old style diary :D

April is gone ….am back to my crazy … nothing been great same old days only loads of projects to work on them with crazy dead lines and no much help from others ….

other than that ……life is boring  …. everyday is same and nothing great :S

see you in heaven *heart*


7 Responses to “Back to my habit :s”

  1. zina Says:

    you have been missed,
    good 2 hear from You!

  2. zina Says:


  3. lil.D Says:

    I guess you can write whatever pops in your mind as long as it doesn’t hurt any one, after all it is your feelings, your thoughts and your blog. Just write what you want, you’ll feel better if you careless about others judgments!

  4. Al3enawyA Says:

    GIRL ..!!! I need to speak with you…:(
    beside the fact that i’ve missed you… there is business we need to discuss !!! hehe… fix ur blackberry walla bathba7ch…!

  5. elmesc Says:

    Zina : miss you to so much sweetie will visit you soon & more

  6. elmesc Says:

    lil.D: its a personal blog dosent has to do with anybody so no way to be hurting others… anyway will try to post more and be around more … thanks for passing by hope seeing you more .

  7. elmesc Says:

    lulu >>>> kaifi adale3ch 😀
    me miss you 2 ……my BB is working fine you need to get you one so we can keep chating all time together 😀

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