Mabrook Zaina & Al3enaweya for your new job girls … so happy for you girls wish you all the best *kisses LoveshowerLoveshower*

Cool Cool & finally I got my own wireless connection …..wooooow

The net is so boring    Mornincoffee …totally busy @ work hardly can read any extra emails at work

Am so addicted to my blackberry  32890480c2 …. & am so in mood to have cake’s *yummy yummy  *

Latest TV addiction: Kitchen Confidential it’s so funny … really so bad they canceled after 1 season can’t find enough videos on you tube the best I can find … enjoy the show:

our new Brad Pitt



Today’s post Photo’s






4 Responses to “Update”

  1. al7lwa dwman Says:

    وأخيرا updates..

  2. elmesc Says:

    what do u mean , haih w a5eran this is busy ppl 😛

  3. zina Says:

    long time no update, Welcome 😀
    thanks dear :**
    and i so want a blackbeery X(
    and Bradley Cooper yeah he is TOO hot!
    he is hoter than brad bit himself :p
    actually i don’t find Brad bit handsome!!
    Keep updating 😉

  4. elmesc Says:

    zina, hi sweetie alf alf mabrook wish you all the best dear…. i know am so lazy in everything :s

    & blackberry is so addicted i so recomend 😀

    Bradley Cooper wow ” so hot” u must watch his show lel asaf its only 1 season 😥

    thanks for being here *kiss*

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