Tagged by sweet Zaina>>> thanks for reminding me to update my blog

8 Things I’m looking forward to

own my OWN house one day hopefully soon enshalla*pray 4 me*
lose 6k by end 2009!
Gather with my Friend Hud Hud when is back.
Get a spa massage
my annual leave in Ramadan

Getting a lot of gifts

Getting a manicure

Color my hair

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
speak English, French & Spanish fluently
be more talented
stop listening to songs

Be more active & hyper

Burn my calories as soon I finish my eating
Go to NY

Great cooker

Ice skating

8 Things I love

Green Tea with Mint
BlakBerry Messanger


Reading reading reading a lot of novels

8 Things I Did Yesterday
went to work
went to oasis mall
done my nails with my favorite color “red”

Took my car for washing

Went grocery shopping
did my laundry

Had Krispy Kreme (chocolate sensation so yummy)
Slept: D

8 Shows I Watch

Brothers & Sisters

Gossip Girl
Desperate housewives
Kitchen Confidentional

The Office


Lam7at 7ob



8 bloggers I tag


Pinky Chick



6 Responses to “8”

  1. al7lwa dwman Says:

    My Fav Number #8

    Nice sis

    Keep Going..^^

  2. zina Says:

    we share the love of “movies & shoes & Pizza”!
    long time since i went 2 kripy Kreme 😦

  3. elmesc Says:

    al7lwa dwman : then you must be having great 8 answers for all of them 😀

  4. elmesc Says:

    zina : i think it a common loved between all girls & ” movies & shoes” all we have same love 😡

    & krispy kreme you most they are having great choco collection *drool*

  5. al7lwa dwman Says:

    هيه المفروض.. بس بعدني ما فكرت فيهم

    حاليا في بالي بس 4 اشياء من كل سؤال..لو فكرت يمكن بحصل 8 اشياء,, وشكلي من الملل بفكر في ال8 اشياء

  6. elmesc Says:

    al7lwa dwman : waiting for your updates

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