Who am I

Who is She ?


born on Monday moring @ 9:25 😛

Very moody person and every thing depends on my mood.

Very calm, quiet person and I hate nosy and crowed places

Never trust anybody.

So lazy and hardly care about doing anything!

Cherish loneliness, & enjoy every moment of it.

Forgive.. Easily but I can’t forget ever.

Get bored very easily.

Frank, Reticent, sensitive, bit stubborn person.

Very hard to get adaptation to other’s or the new stuff.


right handed.

Crazy about my self …


 ___________________________ Elmesc ________




Love’s  sms’s so much… it’s my pleasure :p

Love’s listening to slow music’s.

Love’s going jogging for long distance.

Love’s Reading books, both Arabic & English.

Love’s fashion Design and colors.

Love dreaming & sleeping as well.

Love’s dark Kitkat with mint love’s how is smell’s mmmm.

Love’s orchid flowers.

Love’s searching the internet for anything, just for the sake of searching!

Love’s winter and rainy weather and wearing jackets and stocks:D

Love’s traveling around the world.

Love’s horses.

Love’s Yoga.



 ___________________________ Elmesc ________



I hate talking in the cellphones.

I hate all the animals.

I hate electronics.  

I hate mango juices.

I hate eating meat.

I hate going in the sun & wearing sun block’s.

I hate rubbish talking.

I hate Wtching TV.

I hate my Boss.

i hate going to the malls only for walk :s


 ___________________________ Elmesc ________




Drawing & painting. Although I stopped practicing this hobby ages ago..

Writing with pencil.

Reading novels & poems.

Going for walking.


 ___________________________ Elmesc ________


₪₪ Interests


Favorite Movies: One Fine day, Fashion , Memoirs Of A Geisha, The wedding date, Premonition, The Accidental Husband.

Favorite series:  ER, Gossip Girl, Sister’s, Full House and brothers & sisters, Lipstick Jungle.

Favorite colors:  Red, Green , Black & Navy.  (Dark colors).

Favorite Number: #2.

Favorite Food: Sea Food + Pizza.

Favorite Car’s: Mercedes CL550 Coupe.


  ___________________________ Elmesc ________



I wish I could finish my studies one day.. Soon inshalla.
I wish I could bring back my dear ones.

I wish I visit Mecca, NYC, Spain, Japan and Casablanca.
I wish I could undo many mistakes.


 ___________________________ Elmesc ________


Ownes :


Sony Vaio.

Ipod Nano.

Dozens of books, books books.

Very nice memories about some special people.

20 pairs of shoes.

red cellphone.

Broken mirror 😀

Pinky romantic room.

My dreams.


 ___________________________ Elmesc ________





2 Responses to “Who am I”

  1. zina Says:

    nice 2 meet u elmesc 😀
    interesting profile!
    and loved ur photography,

  2. Passingdayz Says:

    OK…. your blog is OK …BUT .. I just think Ur publishing the wrong idea
    about yourself ..OR …thatz what ur really are……
    A Girl…
    THatZ too kiddish …..Still living teen life although she should be over
    that ages agoooo…….I Don’t know maybe thatz just my opinion…
    ur blog…..Just seems to be boring…..Or that’s
    is just Ur life ….which by the way is all about movies…..
    Go find u a real life….& STOP living in Ur fantasy .. romantic life
    ……..SORRY IF IM too harsh….

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