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Toxic Bachelors

February 8, 2009


Finally today I finished reading Toxic Bachelors, mmm the title says a lot of things but nothing like that, I don’t recommend much it was normal not that interesting only some few chapters maybe the rest was ok only pass time unless you like reading Danielle Steel, I’ve read other books for her and they were more interesting than this in general I’ll give it 2.5/5 it was half half.


Wondering what should I start reading next!!!



Nothing much for the day left work little early since I was late last Thursday & No much plans for tomorrow.


Am still learning on my page trying every button checking what’s new and what’s nice. It’s funny am trying to change my mood photo but it is not changing maybe I should try to switch my own mood to the picture :s


That’s all, and yah still “The Holiday” on my watching list, its 2.15 :l



P.S. It’s so annoying when you have people around you & they think that what ever they  say is right only because they are elder than you ….. Very sad L