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Corazon Salvaje

May 29, 2009

since 3 days am getting crazy  looking for Mexican series and definitely on TV you wont find anything except Turki drama …….  we are so tired of them i hate them i never liked o watched anyone of them ….

and what am really crazy and carving to watch is ” Corazon Salvaje” or ” خوان الغول”

not only i wana watch it because i didn’t get the chance to finish it , but the story line and the romance in it was so amazing … since yesterday am goggling and nothing much all what i found was few scenes here and their nothing full version… and these senses aren’t helping at all 😥

any idea where i can get the full version i wont mind buying but even they are not selling it on trusted websites to buy :s

i’ll leave you with scenes from the show:

still goggling let hope *pray*

this week photo’s”




Friday Shopping

March 20, 2009
























will talk tomorrow so tierd

sweet dream S 051




New Bride

March 7, 2009

New brides,


No am not getting married or engaged nothing yet…

My topic is about some new brides who get married don’t know why really…. They turn very funny… & start acting very weird as I don’t know what are they now become?? On Top of the World: P

I have a friend who got married one year back … and since then she doesn’t talk or sms or nothing as something wrong with me that am still single ….

And the finest of all a girl I met her at work she was new and we used to attend training courses meeting together and everything was fine … till she told me that she thinks am related to her husband and it was true I found that her husband is my second cousin and since then she disappeared as if am gonna steel her husband lol… no email … no sms nothing!!!

When one of my friends gets engaged I feel shy to ask her what his name … is not going in too details.

And the other thing I don’t know why they get married they doesn’t want to do anything or go anywhere, you never see in family gatherings with the mother or mothers in laws and they are new brides with no kids.. And when you see they look totally funny & silly … anyway wish them happy marriage: D

Yesterday Friday today tomorrow & after tomorrow am off.. Very long weekend & since mama is angry we are grounded from going anywhere: S anyway with this crisis at work the truth not in mood to for any activates!!!

Since the weekend is not over yet; still am not done yet with my movies list: D

What I watched this week:


1- Leather Heads : do I need to say anything its George Clooney so definitely it was wow big fun recommended for every one 3.75/5


2- Chicago : yah its old … but as they say Old is Gold and sure no wonder it was and Oscar movie very interesting so tempting to watch till end again 3.75/5


3- Fanaa : recommended by my friend nice love story liked thaw am not big fan of Kajol but it’s very nice different love story than what we are used to 4/5.


4- Charlie Wilson War: big waste time no story nothing I could understand anything not my type of movies at all, I can’t understand why I watched it till the end … not recommend at all 1/5.


5- Down to Love: girly movie I didn’t like the guy but It was fun loved the colors at least 2/5

Long weekend coming any interesting movies recommendation!!!

My latest jewel: D



Strawberry cake

February 27, 2009

Hi … again updating on another Friday , as if I don’t have any time for updating during the week , or my week is totally boring well nothing like that … am  LAZY that’s all the story :S

Again the whole week didn’t do anything much interesting except keep watching movies… not only because I love watching… no but during the week I get really tierd after work to go anywhere .. every day for  12 hours  out of the house & 8 hours night sleeping so the remaining will be another 4 hours  to relax or to Catch with what going around ….. Enough useless blaa blaa …

This week I watched maybe around 8 movies:


1) Along came Polly : ok not very bad 2.5/5


2) Brigit Jones Diary : again 2.5/5 ok not bad nor great


3) The Duchess: 1.5 /5: didn’t like the story at all don’t recommend it at all unless you like watching Kiera Knightley.


4) Mini’s First Time: 1.5/5 another crazy story.


5) Ocean 11: 4.5/5 amazing George Clooney & Brad Bitt simply wow.


6) Ocean 12 : 4.5/5 again same gang nothing less than wow .


7) Ocean 13 : 3.75/5 only bcuz they are same gang it was nice other than that it was just fine.


8) White Chike: 3/5 funny pass time.

I watched Ocean’s all in same day: D

Other than movies …. Life is so boring … no one comes online on MSN when you need them: P or replay back to you when sms them too.

My camera lances got broke last night could take any new photo’s today in the farm L

Had a lot of blaa blaa to say …any way leave you now with my last photo b4 my camera got broke L


Movies Weekend

February 21, 2009


Weekend is over and back to work :l


I had pleasant weekend most of the time I spend it watching movies and I liked all of them they were big time fun


1st : role models new release in the cinemas very funny & nice not big story but you’ll enjoy your time funny motive but totally no recommended for under 16 a lot of *f* & *d* word. 2.5/5


2nd: Rumor as it it old one was released end 2005 but since that time till date and I was searching for the DVD & I can say it was worthy looking for it and watching it was fun cool movie loved the colors the story everything and since the moment the movie started and till the end and am only looking to Jennifer Aniston hair OMG I love her hair its crazy I loved loved so much and how always it’s looking sleek already I have the same hair that I can’t do anything else with just to keep strait but I love how hair looks like *fait* and for the movies it was big fun 3.5/5






3rd : and today my choice of movies was nights in Rodanthe not very old nor very new, very nice romantic story totally inspected ending very nice location sweet love story mmm I guess it was 3.5/5

That for the movies other than that yesterday I went to the farm I took some more photos:






 Enjoy them 4 now soon will upload them in my galley with higher resolution

I wonder if I can rearrange my photos in different way and ideas for my gallery!!!!

Now wana watch movie but it late to start tomorrow needs to wake up very early to go to work


Sweet Dreams