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January 24, 2010

Long  time didn’t update any well no much excuse other than being lazy , & yes am super lazy I stopped working out every thing I stopped all am doing is tweeting & sleeping I know so shame on we, hope I go back to my lovely healthy life style…

Well the main idea for updating my blog today is for my fav Red Carpet look ❤

Hope you enjoy them as I do :

i So Love Sandra she looks so Chic <3333

One of her sexist looks <3333

So elegant

this was the most amazing nothing more intresting .

i’ve watched alot of intresting movies recently…

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hope see you all soon


Mesc ❤




Ramadan Kareem

August 21, 2009


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take care

Party Like It’s 1983

August 2, 2009

Party Like It’s 1983
 >>> liked the topic so much thought sharing with you girls



   Ruche Hour theme <3333333










July 22, 2009

Tagged by sweet Zaina>>> thanks for reminding me to update my blog

8 Things I’m looking forward to

own my OWN house one day hopefully soon enshalla*pray 4 me*
lose 6k by end 2009!
Gather with my Friend Hud Hud when is back.
Get a spa massage
my annual leave in Ramadan

Getting a lot of gifts

Getting a manicure

Color my hair

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
speak English, French & Spanish fluently
be more talented
stop listening to songs

Be more active & hyper

Burn my calories as soon I finish my eating
Go to NY

Great cooker

Ice skating

8 Things I love

Green Tea with Mint
BlakBerry Messanger


Reading reading reading a lot of novels

8 Things I Did Yesterday
went to work
went to oasis mall
done my nails with my favorite color “red”

Took my car for washing

Went grocery shopping
did my laundry

Had Krispy Kreme (chocolate sensation so yummy)
Slept: D

8 Shows I Watch

Brothers & Sisters

Gossip Girl
Desperate housewives
Kitchen Confidentional

The Office


Lam7at 7ob



8 bloggers I tag


Pinky Chick


كل عام وأنتم بخير

July 19, 2009



July 14, 2009

Mabrook Zaina & Al3enaweya for your new job girls … so happy for you girls wish you all the best *kisses LoveshowerLoveshower*

Cool Cool & finally I got my own wireless connection …..wooooow

The net is so boring    Mornincoffee …totally busy @ work hardly can read any extra emails at work

Am so addicted to my blackberry  32890480c2 …. & am so in mood to have cake’s *yummy yummy  *

Latest TV addiction: Kitchen Confidential it’s so funny … really so bad they canceled after 1 season can’t find enough videos on you tube the best I can find … enjoy the show:

our new Brad Pitt



Today’s post Photo’s





Corazon Salvaje

May 29, 2009

since 3 days am getting crazy  looking for Mexican series and definitely on TV you wont find anything except Turki drama …….  we are so tired of them i hate them i never liked o watched anyone of them ….

and what am really crazy and carving to watch is ” Corazon Salvaje” or ” خوان الغول”

not only i wana watch it because i didn’t get the chance to finish it , but the story line and the romance in it was so amazing … since yesterday am goggling and nothing much all what i found was few scenes here and their nothing full version… and these senses aren’t helping at all 😥

any idea where i can get the full version i wont mind buying but even they are not selling it on trusted websites to buy :s

i’ll leave you with scenes from the show:

still goggling let hope *pray*

this week photo’s”



love Nokia

May 26, 2009

me Love the new NOKIA AD S 035



Back to my habit :s

May 17, 2009

i think bad habits is really hard to get changed …. am spouses to use this web as a diary and keep writing what ever pops in my mind, but what ever happens still you cant talk about your deep secrets or even your deep feelings…

simply because ppl will get you wrong or for that they keep judging for end of you life >>>> so sorry i love my old style diary :D

April is gone ….am back to my crazy … nothing been great same old days only loads of projects to work on them with crazy dead lines and no much help from others ….

other than that ……life is boring  …. everyday is same and nothing great :S

see you in heaven *heart*

Back sweet home

April 22, 2009



back to work back to my laziness